How to Make Money by Playing Online Games, Fun and Many Profits


– Indeed, it needs to be recognized that the gamers profession is still underestimated, people whose jobs are always playing games are often negatively connoted as unproductive, lazy, and considered to have a gloomy future. But is that really true? The answer is no.

In the modern era like today, in fact by playing games there are many people who can get big profits. Not only that, gamers are now considered a profession for certain groups. People who think that playing the game is always negative, in my opinion only people who are less insightful.

It is also true if playing games continuously for fun without producing is not wise, but as long as you play games and can get something profitable then I think that’s a good thing. So, playing the game is like working.

So it’s clear, gaming is not always bad, and there are many ways to use the game so that we can reap the benefits of the game, especially online games. How to? Don’t worry, it’s very easy, here are some ways to earn money by playing games online:

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Selling items in the game


Selling items in the game


For certain games, you can sell items in the game. Just say games like RF, Ragnarok, and Dragon Nest where players often transact for buying and selling items or equipment. Prices per item vary greatly depending on how valuable the item is, but as information that the item can sell up to tens of millions, if the items sold are very rare and unique.

But of course, to get the item is also not easy, if it’s easy why there are also people who are willing to buy items worth tens of millions?

Besides selling in-game items, you can also sell your game ID if you are tired of playing the game. Or if the purpose of you playing the game is to buy and sell ID, you can buy and sell. But remember, you MUST read the terms and conditions of each game that you will play. If the developer prohibits buying and selling in games or game IDs, then you may not do so, risk being banned and such is your own responsibility.

Making Video Content

 How to get money from the second game and in my opinion the easiest is to make video content from the game. Any video that can be interesting to watch by other players. For example, a video tutorial for playing games better, or recording videos when you play, you can use the screen recorder application to record it.

Then where do you get the money? Now, you have to upload the video in the application to watch videos like Youtube. First, I suggest uploading on Youtube first because the money you can get is not small and reliable and proven to pay. You just need to register using a Google account and fulfill the requirements, in short after you are allowed to display ads on your videos, then that’s where you will get money.

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For information only, Youtube is a platform that is owned by Google, if later you display ads on your Youtube video, then you will automatically be joined in Google Adsense.

Join Game Competition

 Join Game Competition


To get money from the game in this way, you have to be good at the game. His name is also competition, must be filled by experts and competition can be guaranteed to be very tight. Even so, there is no impossible word, if you can, you can too. Well, from this competition, you can get money by winning it, both winning in general and winning in one of the categories contested.

Currently, the more booming games competed are PUBG games, both mobile and PC and a few years ago there were also Mobile Legends games. In the future, I think there will be more new games that are booming and will be competed, make sure you know and don’t miss playing it.

Game competitions like that cannot be determined when and how many times are carried out in a period, take the example of PUBG Mobile which in 2018 there are many tournaments held, besides being held by the developers themselves there are also other parties holding tournaments. And interestingly, the prizes given are huge, hundreds of millions.

Offering Game Management Services

Offering Game Management Services


If you really want to get money from the game, then you can spend your whole day managing and managing several game accounts. Yes, you can open this service if you are good at playing it. There are many goals why people use game management services like this, one of which is because they don’t have much time to play while the desire to increase game levels is very large, services like this are often referred to as game jockey services.

As far as I know the most popular game that can use the services of a jockey is Mobile Legends, on Instagram there are many services that offer it. Well, you can copy this method, you can be a jockey too, provided you have to be good at playing it.

But keep in mind, as I warned earlier, you must read the terms and conditions of the game developer. If jockeying is prohibited, then you may not do it and all risks are borne by yourself.

Become a Game Practitioner

Become a Game Practitioner


What do you mean by being a game practitioner? What I mean here is that you become someone who is considered an expert in games by other people. If you are considered an expert or popular in the game, there will be many benefits that you can get. For example, you can be a guest star for an event held by a game developer, become a commentator on a game competition, or you can also be asked to test the development of the game you are playing.

But this method is the most difficult value, besides the skill needed in game play, you also need popularity. However, you can still do it, nothing is impossible.

Okay, that’s a number of ways to earn money by playing online games. Hopefully the methods above are useful and help you. Don’t forget to share this article too, thanks and good luck.

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