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– Hello friends, have you ever wondered why many people are willing to spend their time making and managing blogs or websites? Of course there are benefits for the manager of the blog and website, mostly because of getting money.

Yes, to get money. Like me, besides being a hobby of writing, another reason why I diligently write on blogs is because I will get money. And do you know, if you can be serious in managing it, then it’s not impossible to get tens or even hundreds of millions?

This is real and not trickery, there are lots of people out there who get it. The real example is large media in Indonesia such as compass, Tribune, Seconds, and others. But of course you can’t immediately make as much media as they are, starting from scratch, to get money from blogs you don’t have to wait for the blog to become big and famous, simple blogs like this blog can get money.

Oh yeah my friends, I’m not here to give a tutorial on how to build and manage a blog. What I will share this time is a way or path that can be done by a blog owner to get money, and I am aiming for this article for beginners who are really still laymen.

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Become a Google Adsense Ad Publisher


Become a Google Adsense Ad Publisher


This is a way to get money from my favorite blog, from the beginning until now this method is the one that gives me the most income. First I explain first what is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is Google’s advertising program that can be followed by anyone who meets the requirements, the main requirement of course must be a decent blog. You can serching how to build a decent blog to be able to join Google Adsense.

What is the advertising system? This system works with Google, entrepreneurs and business owners who advertise on Google, some of the ads will be displayed on our blog by Google. We will benefit every time there is a valid ad click. The profit is separate from Google’s own profit percentage, so the profits are divided in half, around 64% for us and the rest for Google.

How much do we get for each ad click? It varies, the higher the price of the advertisement given by the business owner, the higher the money we get, there is no minimum and no maximum, it all depends on the business owner, Google, market conditions and conditions.

To take part in this program, the first step you need to do is build a good blog, fill with quality articles, facilitate navigation, and learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your blog is visited a lot. My advice, don’t focus too much on money first, it takes months to be able to enjoy the results of a blog by joining Google Adsense. Focus first on building a blog and increasing visitors.

Showing Ads From Other Advertising Programs

Showing Ads From Other Advertising Programs


This is the second alternative when you can’t join the Adsense program. Why do I call the second alternative? This is because the potential income that you will receive from other advertising programs is much smaller than using Adsense. This is my personal view, and I’m sure that many senior bloggers agree that Adsense is still the best advertising program.

Well, what are the advertising programs besides Adsense? There are many, some of the best that I know of which are: 1. (This belongs to Yahoo / Bing, there are many reviews that say that this advertising program is very good, one of the Adsense alternatives I recommend the most.) 2. AdNow, 3. RevenueHits, 4. Chitika, 5. Qadabra, 6. Bidvertiser, 7. PloppelerAds, 8. Infolink, 9. Popcash, 10. BuySellAds.

All the ad programs above certainly have their own requirements, if you want to join, you must read the terms and review whether the program matches your wishes. But again, I suggest that you don’t worry too much about thinking about money first, spinning your head on building a blog.

Showing Mandiri Ads

 In addition to joining advertising programs, you can also search for your own ads and display them on blogs. But this is rather difficult to do because your blog must have high credibility, not enough just with high traffic. What is high credibility? In addition to high traffic, content really must be of quality with the appropriate theme, for example your blog only discusses technology, travel, business. Different if your blog is mixed-mixed, it will be more difficult to find advertisers who want to advertise.

Or your web can be said to be high credibility if it is indeed a legal entity such as a compass, tribune, seconds, and other large media.

In contrast to advertising programs that generally you will get money per click or thousand impressions, these independent advertisements pay more often at one price, can be per day, week or month, so no matter how many clicks or how many views, your payment will be appropriate rates that you and advertisers agree to.

Is it more profitable to use an advertisement program or self-advertisement? This is hard to guess, all depends on the quality of your blog. If we look at big websites in Indonesia, they often combine Adsense ads with independent ads. They use independent advertising, this is proof that independent advertising is not inferior to Adsense. But remember, they have high credibility.

Getting Money from Affiliates

Getting Money from Affiliates


The next way to get money from a blog is to affiliate your blog with a certain product. What does it mean? So, the affiliate is an attempt to bring visitors to a blog / web of other parties so that the visitor buys or registers with that party.

For example, Lazada, one of the leading online stores in Indonesia, Lazada opens an affiliate program so if you join and display an affiliate banner or link on your blog, and if someone opens Lazada then buys the product there from your banner or link, then you will get a commission.

The amount of commission varies, yes, it can be 1%, 10%, 20%, and so on. I think, this affiliate is very suitable if the theme of your blog is a review blog. So, every time you review a product, directly give the link where you bought it, very targeted. But my advice, if you are interested in this affiliate, choose an affiliate program from the party that has a big name, who has high credibility, fear you are manipulated if the affiliate program is not credible.

Advertise Your Own Product

 Advertise Your Own Product


This method is only reserved for bloggers who have their own products, and this method has been done by successful business people, for example Tokopedia, DewaWeb, and several large blogs. So they bring in potential buyers by creating an article that consumers are looking for. For example, if you have assembled computer products, then make an article with the title “how to assemble your own computer”, and in that article offer your product.

This method is classified as very effective because it is offered directly to people in need. And if you are good at making articles and targeting targets, this method really effectively reduces your marketing costs.

Where to Make a Blog?
For beginners, I recommend creating a blog on The platform is Google’s platform, which is certainly very supportive if you want to display Google Adsense ads.

Okay, guys, those are some ways to get money from blogs for free and very easy. Hopefully the methods above are useful and help you. Don’t forget to share this article too, thanks and good luck.

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