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Make a personal credit simulation ! In recent years, Brazilians have gone through unconventional situations, since mid-2013 the level of indebtedness has grown year after year. This means that our country has few healthy economic policies that are sacrificing workers and economically active citizens.

When money is short or lacking in the portfolio, the solution is always to look for alternatives to get extra money, even if it is necessary to request a personal loan taken in banks or financial institutions. It is interesting to note that the most abundant personal credit deals occur exactly when you least need it – when all is well with finances.


 Tips on how to get Personal Credit.


 Tips on how to get Personal Credit.


But … and when can personal credit be the only option for anyone who needs money as soon as possible? You have to find a solution. By eliminating the condition of obtaining personal credit in large known banks or financial institutions, it is natural for the average citizen to be suspicious of means that release loans or lend money at interest. Read also: When to use Personal Credit? and Tips on how to get Personal Credit.

This distrust is normal for all, some imagine that they will not be able to pay off their new debts with loans; others believe they will compromise their budget; and a good part distrusts the presented conditions of the company that is offering the term personal credit. The truth is that everyone knows their monthly budget, based on their monthly incomes and expenses. The fear of further ruining your finances is a ghost that bothers people today.

Personal credit is a financial transaction in which a credit lender (institution or financial company determined to lend money in the short or long term). In these institutions, the applicant requests amounts of money and the institution makes the necessary checks to grant the personal credit.

The transaction includes several conditions, including an increase on the amount borrowed with interest, taxes and additional costs that will be released together, generating a total outstanding balance (CET – Total Effective Cost), this balance is divided into monthly installments that must be paid on day, otherwise it will generate fines and lives daily.

The simulation of personal credit is done exactly so that the interested in loans knows beforehand how much will cost the money payable in the term, that needs at that very moment. There are several ways to do a credit simulation.

On the Internet : In this case the interested person searches Google to find companies that finance money. There are countless companies that offer personal credit with differentiated conditions, but with unattractive interest rates. Below you will find a list of companies in Brazil that makes operations with loans in the most varied conditions and with the necessary security so as not to take risks. Nowadays, with the possibility of so easy access to the Internet, online simulation becomes a common practice so you can access to:

Personal Credit Simulation


Personal Credit Simulation


Lendico – Lendico is a global company created in Germany, and in recent years has extended its network to other countries like Holland, Austria, Poland, Spain and South Africa .

Losango – Losango has been working with personal credit for more than 40 years in partnership with dozens of retail stores and is present in more than 2,000 municipalities in Brazil.

PortoCred – PortoCred was founded in 1996, operates throughout Brazil through its own stores, partners and correspondents, Portocred offers consistent solutions for Credit, Investment and Financing accessible to all population.

BV Financeira – BV Financeira has years of tradition, partner of Banco do Brasil offers various types of loans and credit for individuals and legal entities.

Simplic – Simplic is a new but reliable company, was founded in 2013 in São Paulo, operates with online personal credit in a flexible, innovative and uncomplicated way.

Dacasa – Dacasa has been offering solutions in personal credit for more than 30 years, currently has 45 stores, distributed in the states of Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Minas Gerais.

Trigg – Trigg is a credit platform created to make personal loan online, fast, easy and hassle-free, simulate your loan without moving around and with rates tailored to your credit profile.

This financial sites are just a few examples of where you can make the personal credit simulation safely and without headaches. Each site has its own simulation form and appropriate online tools. Access them and fill in the required fields, apply the desired amount, the amount of benefits and wait.

It is worth mentioning that the simulations of personal credit on online sites, are in illustrative or simple demonstrations, it is usually not the value of the actual proposal.

Remember, when asking for a simulation of personal credit in financial loan simulators on the Internet and realizing it, consider whether the values ​​will not affect your ability to pay other financial commitments.

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