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10 Apr What do I do to open my business and be successful?


 10 Apr  What do I do to <a href=open my business and be successful? ” />


The dream of every entrepreneur besides opening his own business, is that this is successful, therefore it must be clear that an innovative idea and motivation are only the beginning. The rest is being able to know and have a broad view of how the environment moves and what you can contribute to it.

Below you will find certain points that you should evaluate in the process before opening it so that you identify opportunities in time to highlight and strengthen it internally.


# 1 Identify consumer trends


 # 1 Identify consumer trends


The new consumer buying behaviors are called consumer trends, these arise when they seek to better meet their needs. For example, some trends around food products are healthy, vegan, gluten-free options, and so on. What you should do is identify the consumer trends around your new business, know if it fits or think about how it could.

In order to recognize these habits, there are methods and tools that experts in marketing recommend. For example, Google Trends, which is free and allows you to see what people are looking for on the Internet, the most relevant topics and historically identify the number of searches related to the topic you want.


# 2 Assess the potential market


# 2 Assess the potential market

In conjunction with the identification of consumer behaviors, you must evaluate the market you can reach. This must be represented by any person who ultimately does not buy you yet, but may have the need to consume your product or service to satisfy their lack.

Knowing the age, gender, income, lifestyle and tastes of your potential buyers will help you generate timely strategies to attract them and even continue adapting your idea. In this other post we wrote a guide so you can make your first market study.


# 3 Develop good financial planning


# 3 Develop good financial planning


According to data from “The Failure Institute”, 40% of the projects in Mexico fail because of poor money management. Financial planning is essential within any business, as this is a projection that helps to know the viability that exists in it, the time it will take to generate its own income, and the time when it may need financing to accelerate its increase.

The data that should be included in a financial plan are the medium and long-term objectives, the investment required to open it, the estimated estimates of actual sales and their projection in the future.


# 4 Find the talent that complements you


You can choose to undertake and perform all that is needed alone, however there will come a point or a situation that will make you ask for help to continue and make better decisions. This is where you should look for people with great talent in what they do and start putting together a team that provides ideas to boost your business to success.

Issues such as the creation of an internal culture, the environment that develops and professional growth, will be some of the benefits that can help you to accept that talent to be part of your project.

Once you take into consideration the previous points within your business idea, you will be undertaking the right path. And therefore you will increase the chances that you and your company will achieve success

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